Mobility Aids

We offer a range of mobility aids from walking sticks, frames, 3 and 4 wheeled walkers to manual self propelling and attendant push wheelchairs.  The walkers and wheelchairs may be hired if only required for a short period time.

It is very important that when the walking aid is purchased or hired that it is set to the correct height so that it offers the maximum amount of support.  We also stock a range of ferrules.  It is very important that the ferrule is replaced if the slip-resistant rings or bobbles on the underside have lost their definition of if the rubber has become perished as it could make walking in wet or slippy conditions even more hazardous.

We have a range of wheeled walking aids.  Trolleys with selves to be used indoors are of benefit if you need to take items from one room to another which is difficult if you use a walking stick to mobilize.  We also have 3 wheeled walkers and a range of 4 wheeled walkers for use in and outdoors.  It is recommended that the walkers are hired prior to purchase to ensure of their suitability.