Hospital style, High-Low profiling bedDomestic style profiling bed
Hospital style, High-Low profiling bed

Profiling Electric Beds

Profiling beds also known as hospital or electric beds can be adjusted into various positions to make sleeping more comfortable and also help with getting in and out of bed.  Some medical conditions require you to sleep in certain positions and an adjustable bed may be able to help.

Adjustable height and profiling beds can be adjusted to change the height of the bed, making it easier for you to get on and off easier whilst the profiling option allows you to alter the position that affords the best level of comfort, whether sleeping, reading or watching the television.

The beds come in set standard sizes and we use either pocket sprung or pressure relief foam mattresses.  Either style of mattress can be fitted with a waterproof protector if required.  Regular fitted sheets are recommended to be used as they fit snugly when the bed is raised at the head and foot ends, an ordinary flat sheet would become ‘baggy’ and ‘rucked’ when the bed is used.